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Celcrete Products

Panel Veneer System

The BRANZ Appraised Celcrete Panel Veneer System is an exterior wall system comprising autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) masonry panels 50mm thick and reinforced with vertical and horizontal corrosion protected steel wires. It is suitable for use as a cavity-based external wall cladding for residential and light commercial buildings where domestic construction techniques are used. After fixing, the external surfaces are coated with a reinforced Rendertek plaster system.

Celcrete Panel Veneer System is the innovative marriage of this well proven masonry material with New Zealand lightweight timber or steel framing construction & Rendertek external plaster finish.

The panels are fixed to the timber wall frame of the building using a 40x40x200mm H3.2 timber batten ties or over (VH) EPS Polystyrene battens to form a 20mm or 40mm cavity between the panels and the framing. The panels are 600mm wide, with a dry density of 500kg/m3, about 1/5th that of concrete. 

The Celcrete Panel Veneer System carries a 15 year Quality Assurance Warranty and a 5 year workmanship warranty from your LBP Registered Plasterer.

Download Panel Details : 20mm Cavity
Download Panel Details : 40mm Cavity

Block Building System

A solid load bearing wall construction system comprising 100mm – 300mm thick autoclaved aerated concrete blocks reinforced at intervals by vertical steel rods anchored into the foundations of the building.

It is suitable for both the external and internal walls of both single and two storeyed residential or light commercial buildings. The external surfaces are coated with a reinforced plaster system, while the interior surfaces may be directly lined with plasterboard or plastered. The system is also suitable for internal bracing walls.

Flooring System

Celcrete floor system comprises autoclaved aerated concrete panels 75mm thick and reinforced with corrosion protected steel wires fixed to a light timber framed or light steel framed flooring system. It is suitable for residential and light commercial buildings.’

Fencing System

A fencing system utilising 50mm thick autoclaved aerated concrete panels that are reinforced with vertical and horizontal corrosion protected steel wires. The system is easy to erect and provides the benefits of durability and noise reduction.


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